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before for the first time in November 1, the exposure of samples of the dunk HighSB "northern lights" from exposure to release full lasted a month time, the attention paid to his could not because of the sb series itself, but the dazzling yeezy color. The release of "Concept Car" retro is the SB series again back on track, but there is no available information release. source: sneakernews Beijing time on November 12, Houston against the nets game, Howard first wearing belongs to his first generation of signature shoes -- Howard generation (peak DH1) battle arena was cut under the 20 points and 17 rebounds and 5 blocks of comprehensive data, as if to return to have triple Zhuang NBA defensive player of the time. Recall from the beginning of September peak formally signed Howard and three sets of boots plan published in the press conference for fans to choose, to mid October, Howard being published, only less than 50 days time, which is sufficient to prove pick for its the superstar's attention. Howard generation home white red color (DH1-Home) Howard, a generation away red color (DH1-Away) gorgeous split line in order jordans on sale mens to maximize the attention and respect for the views of Howard, the Chinese line during the PEAK designers have conducted in-depth discussion with Howard. At the same time, in order to respect the views of ordinary consumers and meet their hopes from superstar boots design and development phase is involved in the desire. We have also launched a Howard is a third generation scheme of online voting activity. consumers can not only for existing American designer, designer of China's two voting schemes, but also for Howard ideas, put forward own imagination to pick the Howard generation. After the voting, we hope you can see a pair of brand, players, fans participate in design of boots eventually appear in front of us. So also because of this activity, we have received a number of enthusiastic users of the DH1 design works. Some of their designs so that Howard I am very moved, but also to PEAK designers to learn and integrate into the final design of the DH1. "during the peak this year in China, Howard took a 'ashes, Phoenix' concept to design research and development center in Beijing, and on the design team in Beijing jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black put forward a challenging requirements: he wants in the shoes are shoes surrounded by a Phoenix, so in the game, you can see the wings of the Phoenix 'rising'." Peak DH1 designer Cao Haoming said, "the design team and the Howard also made reference to the collection of manuscripts in the large number of fans, which a styles of logo design, and the heel at the gradient of a red and yellow are appreciated and; and B manuscript sparks elements will embodied in the new peak HD1." thank you friends for Howard generation to provide ideas and suggestions, and your participation is we make products better maximum power! In addition, the above two schemes for authors @ Kure Dongyuan and @ Jimmy layers McChan. Also please two contact us, in boots really available, we will two offer also reflect your design inspiration Howard a 〉Cooperation between Nike and Undercover has been going on for seven years. Recently, the two sides have teamed up to bring a whole new 2017 spring series, which also ensures functionality while ensuring fashion. It is reported that the series includes training jacket, tight pants, sports jacket jordans on sale online and NikeLab GYAKUSOU LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2, and many other single products, and will be landing in the NikeLab shop recently. , A Bathing Ape, a street brand from Japan, has launched a new series of non note T-shirts, inspired by Japan's most representative "Sakura", combining the apes' head logo with the cherry blossoms in the sky. It is reported that the series will be officially launched in April 1st at designated stores.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] American sprinter Justin Ghat forest and Nike signed a sponsorship contract issue, now in the track and field caused a public outcry, some British athletes have strongly questioned Nike's decision . The main reason is Gatlin had twice caught in doping scandals, these athletes believe that Nike will move some of the children affected, and with a Nike spokesman, some athletes even claimed that this thing start to doubt yourself Nike values. Justin Gatlin is the first full-year total score of track and field men, and 30 years of age or record for the fastest 100 meters and 200 meters athlete project holder, according to the agreement, Retro jordans for sale he and Nike sponsorship deal, will formally implemented this year after the start of the season. But Nike's move makes a lot of athletes greatly dissatisfied, the main reason is two times before Gatlin doping scandal. As early as in 2001 and 2006, because of alleged doping Gatlin was suspended twice, and the name of the coach is not a "good bird" because it is the athletes who did not even have Because doping is banned. As we all know, doping incident called the greatest sports scandal, let a second person into the biggest scandal to do their own product spokesperson, Nike track and field this practice caused the dissatisfaction of peer indeed understandable. Radcliffe on his Twitter wrote: "I am very disappointed to hear this news, I even began to suspect that I have been proud of Nike's values ??can speak, and I think the people there are no faith, I'm sorry my daily hard work. " Olympic silver medalist Steve Buckley on his Twitter wrote: "? What message Nike doping and that often people signed a sponsorship contract?" heptathlete Kelly Sotherton wrote: "One has been caught twice doping of people, but also s cheap air jordans neakers and Nike signed a contract?" Currently, the Gatling I did not make for peers questioned and criticized official responses, although return after suspension, Gatlin never fall into a similar scandal, but have to say, the second doping incident, Indeed let the strength of the terrible image of the famous, and has been a great influence and damage. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:. Cartelo shoes)Beijing Masayuki Zheng Qingsheng, director of the Institute of Human mechanics has become a well-known "Challenger." ???? According to Beijing Science and Technology News reported, in an interview, the 39-year-old researcher wearing shoes with their patent leather shoes produced by the hands holding a thick, up to hundreds of pages of documentary evidence. "(Sue Nike) not for fame and wealth, I feel like opening on the runaway aircraft, initially just wanted to comparing a true, now is compelling." "All the evidence is very clear that it (Nike) is unscientific propaganda It is to deceive consumers. "???? Zheng Qingsheng opponent is world famous" shoe king "-- buy cheap jordans online - Nike. Its aim is to win the case in court it, in order to "tell the children and their parents, wearing Nike Air shoes, 'run faster', 'jump higher' nonsense." ???? world "shoe king" alleged "pseudo-scientific fraud", in China ???? 2005 sit in the dock at 8:30 am on May 20, the West Side Court hearing Zheng Qingsheng consumers sued Nike pseudo scientific fraud publicity case. Day of the trial, due to the temporary increase in court Zheng Qingsheng the claims of evidence charges, Nike also asked to extend the reply period. Ten minutes hearing the presiding judge adjourned the trial will be. The second trial is expected to be June 6 in the morning in 15 days. ???? alleged that such proceedings Nike encountered in China for the first time. The parties appearing before the company's comments on the case to the relatively low-key. Miss Yang Shuang assistant ???? Nike public relations manager in a media interview that the company Nike air cushion protection technology with confidence, millions around the world athletes wearing Nike Air shoes, cushion shoes function, comfort is Nike's most concerned about the issue, in coop air jordan 11 space jam for sale eration with a number of experts for many years, rigorously tested. ???? Clearly, in the production and marketing of sports shoes, Nike is a winner. Some praise at any time can be found in everyday life. In an intercept against high school students visit, the reporter found that there are a considerable number of young people prefer the Nike brand, while more than 60% of workers believe that it represents a fashion. ???? Nike Air shoes in the minds of young people has a very high visibility and reputation, so that after the media commented, "the price of the thousand or so with a pair of Nike Air shoes, a favorite sport of many young people dream of." ???? why Nike rigorously tested in the "Science" into a lawsuit ???? "Nike Air shoes a lot of publicity can not afford the most basic scientific inquiry. Nike Air shoes around a lot of publicity is false, there is no scientific basis, while others are pseudo-science. However, many people, including children and adults, it is precisely in these propaganda and agitation in complete purchases. "Zheng Qingsheng said. ???? "I am engaged in the footwear study full 10 years, th jordan 3 katrina 2018 ey would get some patents. According to my knowledge have shoes and human sciences, I find it difficult to understand Nike Air shoes blatant propaganda of specific functions, such as, 'run Faster ',' jump higher, '' but also help fly ';' is the best equipment of basketball, '' trapeze driving force ';' with perfect stability and traction '(actually a pair of shoes with traction? ) "According to reports, around September 2001, Zheng Qingsheng noticed Nike Air shoes massive publicity," There are a lot of questions, "" hopes for an explanation. " "Later, after my personal research, that claimed to have the world's R & D laboratories and many experts shoe, not the birth of an article published in mainstream scientific journals to introduce the scientific basis paper air-cushioned shoes." ???? Zheng Qingsheng told reporters, In the beginning of last year, he has three fax to Nike headquarters in China, trying to communicate questioned cushion shoe. Nike also said that attention, but since then no news. ???? Nike Air technology, "confident" ???? Zheng Qingsheng lawsuit against Nike sporting goods company to respond to media cheap foamposites inquiries aspect recently in the form of e-mail. In reply, Miss Yang Shuang, public relations manager wrote: ???? "for Nike NIKE AIR (Nike Air shoes --- Editor's Note) buffer protection technology comfort sneakers confident performance, protection and wearer. NIKE primary consideration is the question .NIKE AIR to come out since 1979, through the use of technology in sports shoes NIKE AIR hundreds of millions of people, including professional athletes, college athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts and other athletes at all levels, involving many sports, including running, basketball, tennis and so on. ????NIKE AIR buffer protection technology is based on the world-class sports experts to work together years of research and testing have NIKE AIR cushioning protection technology is NIKE sports shoes Research Laboratory has undergone rigorous testing thousands of times, including analog motion scenes and laboratory testing to ensure its safety and functionality.. " (Tong light)Linda Farrow 09 Spring/Summer Collection recently, this is located in London for 40 years the famous Linda Farrow again published a new design Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale style, including Raf and Simons, Jeremy Scott and Sophia Kokosalaki cooperation style, design elements and frame lens details of the continuation of the classic a lot of people ask you why you like to follow Asics's pace. your answer is simple, but realistic, because the Asics color match is enough, dazzle, and can be different for a week. recently, "energy-saving" Asics for the majority of female friends to bring a new independent color "Silver & Gum" series. same color, do you prefer Gel, Lyte, III or Gel Lyte V? Ronnie Fieg x NewBalance M999RF Steel Blue New Balance 1300CL, uses a similar color. The whole is dark gray, with pale blue and white color as the ornament. The shoes in a low-key, remarkable texture as the premise, from the details. 1.jpg (136.09 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 2.jpg (144.14 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 3.jpg (145.29 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 4.jpg (154.49 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 5.jpg (114.93 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 6.jpg (196.26 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 7.jpg (235.16 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 11:35 upload 8.jpg (103.92 KB, download number: 0) download The details of RFxNBM999RF 2014-7-11 Ronnie Fieg New 11:35 upload , Balance, M999RF 00In June 19th, led by James and Erwin and the Cavaliers staged a shaking counterattack, Cleveland to have a history of Obrien's first championship trophy, but we are lucky enough to become a great victory of the witness. To commemorate this epic victory, Nike Basketball launched a special significance in the Four Wins package for the two hero boots. Two sneakers, four games to the best of all, and finally become a champion city. Nike respectively in order to lay the championship finals in third games, fifth games, sixth games and seventh games in the LeBron Soldier 10 and Kyrie 2 color based, two people will be decisive in the game with symbols, totem and other diversified forms of expression in the corresponding number color shoes on the details, were launched HOMECOMING BELIEVE-LAND, FORTY-ONES, and CELEBRATION color set. nike-basketball-four-wins-110.jpg (534.05 KB, download times: 9) download attachment Nike James & Erwin Four Wins suite tasting 2016-11-14 upload at 11:59 nike-basketball-four-wins-24.jpg (407.84 KB, download times: 9) download attachment Nike James & Erwin Four Wins suite tasting 2016-11-14 upload at 11:58 nike-basketball-four-wins-31.jpg (280.1 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike James & Erwin Four Wins suite tasting 2016-11-14 upload at 11:58 nike-basketball-four-wins-41.jpg (342.57 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike James & Erwin Four Wins suite tasting 2016-11-14 upload at 11:58 nike-basketball-four-wins-51.jpg (442)Under Armour Anatomix 2014-05-06 22:49:43 new spy photos Under Armour recently network exposure of new products - the tongue, revealed the identity of Anatomix shoes. The first generation of products to accompany Meng Shen curry throughout the season, excellent performance blessing help curry led the team into the playoffs. The second generation products are also suitable for MicroG mitigation technology. There is no more information, we will continue to pay attention to, but also like UA friends waiting patiently for the advent of new products. Nike Air Flight One 2013-12-08 22:32:56 black and white color information available this year's all star game on the occasion, Nike brought two Air Flight One for us, but many friends are not satisfied, because the story of the black and white color Air Flight One did not return, today we bring you this Air Flight One black and white color available that information, in addition to Hardaway, Jordan also wore the shoes in the playoffs, two super star dress, also let this pair of Air Flight One hot moment, and the engraved version and the first year version of the distinction, that is the heel using black color, and the first version is white. It is reported that Nike Air Flight One black and white color will be officially on sale in the United States on October 3rd, the news SIZE newspaper will continue to focus the shoes.